Updated: 3/18/03

Since we have started over a year ago, the Moonlighting Reunion Campaign has made significant progress. The Feb./Mar. issue of Moonlighting Strangers features exclusive interviews with Sandahl Bergman (Dancer who appeared in Big Man On Mulberry Street) and Emmy-winning writer/producer Charles Eglee. Also in the Dec./Jan. issue features exclusive interviews with Moonlighting writer Debra Frank and Jazz great Al Jarreau. In addition, interviews with Moonlighting creator, Glenn Gordon Caron, Cybill Shepherd and Curtis Armstrong can be found in the Oct./Nov., Aug./Sept. and the June/July issues, respectively. They all have voiced their opinions regarding a Moonlighting reunion. Here is what they said:

Glenn said if he was going to do it (a reunion), it will have to be different and incorporate new ideas. He continued to say if he came up with a great idea, he would call Bruce and say:

"Hey, I have this great idea. You got to do this. You can't say no."

Cybill: (about Glenn Gordon Caron and Bruce) ". . . all the hatchets are buried with all of us," and (about doing a reunion) "I think it'd be just a crime not to do something."

Curtis: "Obviously I would do it in a second if it happened and if Glenn was involved."

During our exclusive interviews with Debra Frank, Al Jarreau, and Sandahl Bergman, this is what they said about a Moonlighting reunion motion picture:

Debra: I think it would be interesting to see a reunion . . . (and about seeing it as a motion picture) Yeah. I'd love to see that.

Al: It's a natural. . . . of course, I'd love to be a part of it. With careers like Cybill's and Bruce's and with the success of that show, I'm surprised that they haven't done it already.

Sandahl: Well, I’d buy a ticket. And you know what? It possibly could happen because it has been such a long period of time and the actors have all had terrific careers, and have run a certain gamut, and probably would be very interested in something like that.

That's what this not-for-profit, fan based campaign is fighting for, the reunion of Maddie Hayes and David Addison in a television movie or feature film and re-establish the public acclaim to one of the most innovative shows ever created.

In addition with the above statements, in the February 8, 2002 interview with Charlie Rose, Bruce Willis said:

"Something like . . . Moonlighting, what are those numbers? 70 million households or something like that were watching that show."

Bruce also made this quote in the full interview of Reader's Digest March 2002 issue:

"The first couple of years . . . I would hold up a few of those hours of TV against anything that's ever been on."

The show's popularity continues to grow outside of the United States. All over the world, Moonlighting continues to captivate with its special brand of humor and the special bond David Addison and Maddie Hayes generate beyond the television screen. Not only has Moonlighting retained its original fans, the show has now gained a new generation of fans through seeing the show in re-runs.

For Moonlighting's reunion to be a success, we feel it's vitally important to have the original cast members and its creator involved in this project. We believe that the involvement of Glenn Gordon Caron, Bruce Willis, Cybill Shepherd, Allyce Beasley, and Curtis Armstrong, in addition to many of the original writers, producers and crew, is an essential component of any reunion project.

This campaign supports the effort for getting DVD's released for the entire run of the series. Here is what Glenn said about the DVD's in his interview:

" Every six months they (Anchor Bay) go . . . 'yeah, in six months (the DVD's will be released)' and then nothing happens. I truthfully haven't spoken with them. It's almost a year now. So, I should give them a call and find out."

We believe the campaign for a Moonlighting reunion motion picture will help create a major demand to release said DVD's.

We also support any country's efforts to either keep Moonlighting on the air, or fight to bring the show back on the air - including here in the U.S. As of September 27, Bravo dropped Moonlighting from its programming schedule. We are currently working on a strategy for another network to add Moonlighting on its weekday schedule.

Moonlighting Strangers Fanzine was created for all the Moonlighting fans to express their talent and devotion for their favorite show. It also has evolved into to an alternative media outlet for the cast and crew of Moonlighting to share their positive memories and promote their current projects.We are currently looking for material to put into the Apr./May '03. This includes original fan fiction (not published on the web), short stories, poems, artwork, or anything Moonlighting related. Send your material to: ceetay@earthlink.net

A year of hard work and dedication has proven what some would say was impossible for us to achieve. You can join our reunion mailing list. You will get the latest information on the campaign. We are always open to any new concepts or suggestions. Spread the word by emailing, calling or writing as we are continuing to gather the largest fan base ever for a reunion campaign.

Remember, the most important thing is for all of our voices to be heard! We are a team. Don't be shy. We welcome any ideas or suggestions that you have. Spread the word by emailing, calling or writing as we are continuing to gather the largest fan base ever for a reunion campaign.

Thank you for taking the time to read our mission statement. Take care. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Help bring Maddie and David back together! Help return Moonlighting to the public acclaim it so richly deserves.


The Moonlighting Reunion Campaign Staff