Since the success of the Carol Burnett reunion special the networks want more reunions from hit TV shows in the 80's. There have been 2 articles in New York's Daily News and it was mentioned on Entertainment Tonight. This is very exciting and encouraging news for us fans. Our Not-for-profit campaign is a couple of months old and it has taking off like wild fire. We are getting fans from all over the world as we continue to grow. This includes a nice article about Moonlighting on the BBC channel website. The campaign is mentioned at the end of the article. Our mission is to get enough fans to unite and flood the entertainment industry with emails, letters, petitions and what ever else we can think of. WE WILL BE A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH! The industry will not know what hit them! To help us in this effort, we have the National Association of Fan Clubs supporting us. Our efforts were written about in their newsletter. We are also written about in The Thrilling Detective website.

Yahoo! did a one day TV poll on 3/6/02 and asked, "Which canceled show do you miss the most?" MOONLIGHTING WON! You can see the results:

On February 8, 2002 interview with Charlie Rose, Bruce Willis said:

"Something like . . . Moonlighting, what are those numbers? 70 million households or something like that were watching that show."

Bruce also made this quote in the full interview of Reader's Digest March 2002 issue:

"The first couple of years . . . I would hold up a few of those hours of TV against anything that's ever been on."

The show's popularity continues to grow outside of the United States. All over the world, Moonlighting continues to captivate with its special brand of humor and the special bond David Addison and Maddie Hayes generate beyond the television screen. Not only has Moonlighting retained its original fans, the show has now gained a new generation of fans through seeing the show in re-runs.

It's been reported that Disney will release some episodes on video. This is great news because Disney owns ABC, the original network which aired Moonlighting every Tuesday night. A Moonlighting TV movie would be great but we are really shooting for a motion picture because not only does Disney own ABC, they are also the parent group of the film company which created big hits such as The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable.

Remember, the most important thing is for all of our voices to be heard! We are a team. Don't be shy. We welcome any ideas or suggestions that you have. Spread the word by emailing, calling or writing as we are continuing to gather the largest fan base ever for a reunion campaign.

Thank you for taking the time to read our mission statement. Take care. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Help bring Maddie and David back together! Help return Moonlighting to the public acclaim it so richly deserves.


The Moonlighting Reunion Campaign Staff