Updated: 2/23/04

The recent success of the romantic comedy hit Something's Gotta Give answers one the strongest arguments against a Moonlighting Reunion. The "no one wants to see an older couple" opinion has been shattered by a movie that has grossed over 100 million dollars. The movie also helped Diane Keaton win a Golden Globe award and an Oscar nomination for a role most thought isn't possible for a middle-aged actress. We in the Moonlighting Reunion Campaign ask, "if Jack and Diane can do it, why can't Bruce and Cybill?"

The Moonlighting Reunion Campaign has expanded! Our second reunion sister site: Moonlighting21st.de is up and running. The German site features our exclusive interviews, Spreading The GOOD News (information about the charities many people who worked on Moonlighting support), and other content the fanzine has published. Go over to the site and see for yourself. Italian fans not to worry, our Italian site: Moonlighting21.it is up and you can also join the Italian reunion mailing list.

The most amazing thing happened for the fans when Bruce Willis started posting on his site (BruceWillis.com) on the evening of July 22nd. Since then, Moonlighting is one of the most popular topics on his forum. The reunion subject is the most talked about within the Moonlighting topic. On the night of July 24th, 2003, Bruce graciously set up a chat to speak to the fans directly. Unfortunately, the first half of the transcript is not posted on his site. However the good news is during the chat Joy asked Bruce if he would do more DVD commentaries if additional episodes were released and he said:

"Sure, I had a ball with Glenn on the Pilot (the Moonlighting Pilot DVD)."

Starting with the Dec./Jan. issue of Moonlighting Strangers fanzine, we asked the people we interviewed if additional DVD's were released, would they do the audio commentaries for some of the episodes. Unanimously, they were more than happy to do it. We continue to ask this question because it is in our opinion that if there are extras in the DVD's, there will be even more interest for them. Later in the chat, Pam asked Bruce when he got the part of David Addison, did he ever dream it would lead to all this? Bruce answered:

"All I ever wanted to do was act. I had NO idea all this would happen."

She also asked him if he thought Moonlighting would be the hit it was and Bruce replied:

"After the first year, yes I knew."

What a great thing Bruce is doing for us fans. He stayed on for about two and a half hours. He said he was having fun and he'd chat again sometime in the future. What a wonderful gift Bruce gave us all.

In addition, thanks to Isabel and Donna, two fellow Moonlighting fans, who attended Bruce Willis' New York City concert at Irving Plaza on July 1st. This is Isabel's account on what he said about a Moonlighting Reunion:

". . . BEWARE: SIT WHILE READING THIS: During a break between songs, Bruce came up to the mike and began talking about being in NYC and all that stuff. THEN . . . he said, 'How many of you out there are praying for a ML reunion?' The crowd went nuts . . . He went on, 'Yeah, we've been getting lots of calls on that one. Maybe I should call Cybill.' Then he put his hand up to his face like he was talking into a phone and said, 'Yeah, hello Cybill. We got some ML fans out here that are just SCREAMING for a reunion!' The screaming was unbelievable at that point. Then he said to us, now hold on for this: 'WELL, WE'LL JUST SEE WHAT WE CAN DO 'BOUT THAT' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This is what this campaign has tirelessly worked so hard for and we are extemely excited about these major developments!

The Winter 2004 issue of the Moonlighting Strangers Fanzine is posted. It features interviews with Music Composer Alf Clausen, Casting Director Karen Vice and Film Editor Neil Mandelberg. The philosophy of the fanzine is clear: We get the news from the source. The campaign/fanzine has been very busy interviewing many people connected with the show. This has been the main element that kept the fanzine alive during this past year. An overwhelming positive response for a reunion (see below) continued to bring us closer to our ultimate goal for a Moonlighting reunion movie. Not only have they expressed their overwhelming response for a reunion, but they also have expressed the same response to our fanzine. Even Glenn Gordon Caron, the creator of the show, voiced his approval of our efforts. Thank you again Mr. Caron for letting us continue with the fanzine and the reunion campaign.

Here are the opinions regarding a Moonlighting reunion:

Glenn said: if he was going to do it (a reunion), it will have to be different and incorporate new ideas. He continued to say if he came up with a great idea, he would call Bruce and say: "Hey, I have this great idea. You got to do this. You can't say no."

Cybill Shepherd: (about Glenn Gordon Caron and Bruce) ". . . all the hatchets are buried with all of us," and (about doing a reunion) "I think it'd be just a crime not to do something."

Curtis Armstrong: "Obviously I would do it in a second if it happened and if Glenn was involved."

Debra Frank (Writer): "I think it would be interesting to see a reunion . . . (and about seeing it as a motion picture) Yeah. I'd love to see that."

Al Jarreau: "It's a natural. . . . of course, I'd love to be a part of it. With careers like Cybill's and Bruce's and with the success of that show, I'm surprised that they haven't done it already."

Sandahl Bergman (Actress/Dancer): "Well, I’d buy a ticket. And you know what? It possibly could happen because it has been such a long period of time and the actors have all had terrific careers, and have run a certain gamut, and probably would be very interested in something like that."

Allan Arkush (Director): "Oh, I’ll do it, if they do it. I’d love to do it."

Peter Werner (Director): "Oh, I think that it would be great . . . If they asked me to work on it, I’d say 'Yes,' without having to read the script."

Will Mackenzie (Director): ". . . if he (Bruce) would (do a reunion), it would be great, and I know he loves Glenn, and he might do it because of that . . ."

Jeff Reno (Writer/Producer): (In response to a comment about Bruce doing more Romantic Comedies): ". . . you know, Ron and I have talked for years about that, because we think he can do most anything."

Ron Osborn (Writer/Producer): ". . . I would sure be interested if there was a terrific reason and, if anyone can come up with it, Glenn can."

Artie Mandelberg (Producer/Director): "Would I like to see one (a Moonlighting reunion)? Yeah, I would love to see it!"

Roger Director (Writer/Producer): ". . . you know, the fact is, I think it would be great any way they did it. I mean, if Glenn cooked something up it would be great . . . "

Alf Clausen (Music Composer): "I would love to see it... (a Moonlighting reunion)! But the thing is that now that some time has gone by, I think that everybody would have a lot of fun coming back and trying to recreate this."

Neil Mandelberg (Film Editor): "If Glenn told you if he had an idea that he would do it (ML reunion) I totally believe it. If he wasn’t interested, I truly believe you would have gotten a straight up answer, you know? Glenn was always clear about the decisions he would make."

Moonlighting Strangers fanzine was created for all the Moonlighting fans to express their talent and devotion for their favorite show. It also has evolved into an alternative media outlet for the cast and crew of Moonlighting to share their positive memories and promote their current projects. We're always happy to receive new material for upcoming issues. Materials can include: original fan fiction (not published on the web), short stories, poems, artwork, or anything Moonlighting related. You can send to: ceetay@earthlink.net, Karategirl2001@aol.com, and PGHardin@aol.com

More than a year of hard work and dedication into the fanzine has proven what some would say was impossible for us to achieve. We will bring the latest information to you as we continue to be the most innovative campaign in making a Moonlighting reunion come true. You can join our reunion mailing list to stay informed.

Thank you for taking the time to read our mission statement. Take care. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Help bring Maddie and David back together! Help return Moonlighting to the public acclaim it so richly deserves.


The Moonlighting Reunion Campaign Staff