Updated: 12/4/05

The Moonlighting Reunion Campaign staff is very pleased to announce that this fall a miracle happened. We are one step closer to a Moonlighting reunion movie with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd becoming a reality. On 11/28/05 www.tvshowsondvd.com informed everyone on some new exciting news in regards to the upcoming season 3 release of Moonlighting on DVD available on February 7th 2006. After sixteen years the long awaited reunion of Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis finally happened.

Memories of Moonlighting is a half-hour documentary about the third season, featuring exclusive interviews with cast and crew, including new cast member Curtis Armstrong, and the long-awaited reunion of Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis! Memories of Moonlighting goes behind the scenes to look at some of the amazing stories of the people involved with the show in this extraordinary award-winning season.

In addition, we were informed through our many Moonlighting sources that Bruce Willis, Cybill Shepherd, Glenn Gordon Caron, and Jay Daniels conducted audio commentary for the famous episode Atomic Shakespeare. We were also pleased to hear that Bruce and Cybill got along very nicely, and apparently even hugged.

The philosophy of the fanzine and campaign is clear: we get the news from the source. The campaign/fanzine has been very busy interviewing many people connected with the show. This has been the main element that kept the fanzine alive during the past three years. An overwhelming positive response for a reunion and DVDs continued to bring us closer to our ultimate goal. The cast and crew have also expressed their overwhelming response to our fanzine. Even Glenn Gordon Caron, the creator of the show, voiced his approval of our efforts. Thank you again Mr. Caron for letting us continue with the fanzine and our campaign. We have also been credited by Lions Gate (you need Acobat Reader to read article) and have been featured in several articles: New York Times Magazine (11/20/05); US News & World Report (the 6/27/05 issue); LA Times (4/5/05) and USA Today (2/7/05).

In January 2006 the Moonlighting Reunion Campaign will celebrate its fourth anniversary. None of the staff ever imagined the journey that it would take us on, and the results that it has garnered. For over three years >Moonlighting Strangers Fanzine has proven what some would say was impossible for us to achieve. The fanzine is the heart and soul of the campaign. We will bring the latest information to you as we continue to be the most innovative campaign in making a Moonlighting reunion and the release of all five seasons on DVD come true.

Thank you for taking the time to read our mission statement. Take care. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Help bring Maddie and David back together! Help return Moonlighting to the public acclaim it so richly deserves.


The Moonlighting Reunion Campaign Staff