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AUTOGRAPHED DVDs: Allyce Beasley and Curtis Armstrong signed copies of Season 3 DVDs at Rocket Video in LA. Read our report.

WEB INTERVIEW: Shortly after the Season 3 DVD release, we talked with producer Jay Daniel about participating on the DVD commentaries and more.

Both available in the Fanzine section.

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Cybill Shepherd co-stars on the 2012 Jennifer Love Hewitt Lifetime series The Client List. Jennifer plays Riley Parks, a struggling wife and mother. After her husband abandoning the family and the foreclosure of her home fast approaching, she's forced to juggle her new job's responsibilities as a masseuse... with benefits for "the client list" to make ends meet. Cybill plays Riley's mother, Linette Montgomery.

Are you ready for G. I. JOE? Bruce Willis stars in the up coming 2012 Summer Blockbuster flick G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation with Fast Five's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

UPDATE: G. I. JOE 2's release date has been pushed back to March 2013. Reason? The enhancement of 3D. Well, it worked for Journey 2.

July 2013: Now that Bruce got Die Hard 5, oh I mean, A Good Day to Die Hard out of his system, he's joining Helen Mirren for another action flick sequel Red 2.

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