Michelle Dahl

Music Editor

Michelle Dahl lives a beautiful life in Vancouver, Washington surrounded by family, friends and her son and daughter. She is happy and fortunate enough to have the title of Marketing Assistant at Northwest Natural Products®, manufacturer of exceptional gummy vitamins. She continues to have a passion for writing, history, music and Moonlighting.

When Moonlighting first aired I was 14 years old and instantly smitten with the most wonderful show I had ever seen. I remained a devoted fan throughout the series. Bruno's dance scene in Big Man On Mulberry Street is still the coolest thing I've ever seen on television. In high school everyone had pictures of Bon Jovi and Kirk Cameron in their lockers – I had pictures of Maddie and David. It's true, I was thought to be a bit strange but I didn't care at all. David and Maddie's story of love and passion was unlike anything I had seen. I was so devastated when it ended. I never dreamed that years later I could fall in love with the show all over again, thanks to the episodes airing on Bravo and a fantastic on-line community.

In 2000, I began collecting every song I could find from Moonlighting because I felt that the Soundtrack, as great as it is, was very much lacking. By 2002 I had put together a CD called The Blue Side of the Moon (thanks to Stephanie Manfredi for the title!). I had created it just for myself, but I soon found that many others wanted copies and I was more than happy to share. Now I'm very honored to be a part of Moonlighting Strangers and to contribute my knowledge of and my thoughts on the music of Moonlighting.

After all this time, Moonlighting is still my absolute favorite show and I am very hopeful that a reunion will happen. It would really be a dream come true. After all, so much has happened already that I never thought would be possible – being a part of this fanzine with all the amazing interviews; discovering that the Moonlighting DVDs are finally a reality; watching Glenn Caron and Cybill Shepherd sit together and participate in a DVD commentary; being part of the Moonlighting DVD special features with the rest of the staff; actually meeting and talking with Jeff Reno, Ron Osborn and Allyce Beasley. Working with these wonderful people from Moonlighting Strangers and going on an L.A. adventure with them was one of the best times of my life. I will always be grateful for the experience. We are strangers no more and friends for life.