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Kim Jackson is venturing into a new Auto Glass business with her husband. Visit her website: and find out what she's up to!

I fell in love with Moonlighting back when it first aired, then again in 2002 when surgery forced me to be at home, I found it on Bravo. Moonlighting made me laugh, and forget about all that I was going through (Oh! Those painful laughs :) ). I was instantly hooked! So I taped every episode, started memorizing the banter, and created/decorated VHS boxes. To my horror, Bravo stopped airing ML that September, and this was awful since I hadn’t seen all the episodes yet!! ARGH! So, I immediately surfed the internet to find out where I could purchase VHS or DVDs. I thought for sure this would be an easy task since so many TV shows are on DVD. I was shocked to find only one Moonlighting DVD and it was just the pilot!! I was so disappointed!

One wonderful day, I found I was so happy to find other people that felt the same way as I did, disappointed in the ending of the show, wanting a reunion, and wanting all of the seasons on DVD. In the Oct.-Nov. '02 issue of the fanzine, I was honored when Joy asked if I wanted to have my project included. Not only that, I was asked if I wanted to come on board as a staff member. I accepted immediately!! Well, that was three years ago. Today, I am so blessed to report that not only am I lucky enough to be a staff member but I call them all my friends. Friends of women who are dedicated, hard working, talented, and caring. They continue to amaze me! Because of them, I was allowed to be part of our Los Angeles experience that all our interviews, perseverance, and dedication opened up for us – being in the bonus feature Moonlighting Phenomenon of the Moonlighting Season 1 & 2, DVD! Finally, I will never forget our amazing dinner and meeting with all of us together in LA, and dinner with Allyce Beasley!

All of this happened because of these incredible women and their life-changing offer to become a staff member of our fanzine and campaign!! I am very honored and proud to be a part!! Thank you Joy, Christie, Diana, Michelle, and Pam.