Kelli Barbato

Regular Contributor

Well, I guess you can call me part of the Bravo generation of Blue Mooners since I was 2 in March of 1985, but I did get a little bit of deja vu when I watched them the first time on Bravo. I remember the day a couple days after Christmas when I was flipping through the channels and saw a commercial about Moonlighting being televised on Bravo. I thought, "I remember that show... I used to watch that when I was little." I really didn't think anything about it until my family was flipping though the channels and we saw the Pilot televised during the marathon on Bravo. The first scene I saw was the one when they go back to the office after the "sissy fighter" scene. It probably took me 10 seconds total to realize that this was my favorite show.

Now 3 years later, I am even more hooked than I was back then. When I saw the Moonlighting Reunion Campaign online, I finally felt like I wasn't the only person that remembered this show and wanted it back on the air. I am really happy to submit a story for each fanzine. I call my series Let Me Be Your Hero. You'll all understand why soon. Love to everyone, and love to the best show in the world.