Karin Zeller

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I remember it was in 1991. On this special day, I checked out a tv magazine and suddenly stumbled over a picture of Bruce and Cybill in Moonlighting. I immediately stopped and thought “Oh my God! What's that and who's this guy?!” I read the pilot story that aired a few days later and just thought “Wow what a fantastic story and what a couple they are together!” I knew I had to watch it. No one could hold me away! I absolutely was hooked on it just before I saw it on air, and when the day came it was indescribable watching them, like magical! Never saw such chemistry and tension before and the stories were just gorgeous, so fun! Personally, I think that Moonlighting is the best series of all time. And forever will have a very special place in my heart.

Then in March 2002, I found Moonlighting21.com and saw they ran a reunion campaign. What a great idea! I was happy to find this place and became a bit involved in it. Besides this, I work in an office and spend most of my time with my Siberian Husky Tam, love to listen to music or meet some friends. The campaign is just fantastic and I strongly hope and believe there will be a reunion... and now the sensation is complete since Bruce showed up on BruceWillis.com