Heather Clemens

Regular Contributor

I became involved with the fanzine through Joy Chodan. Who knew that one last minute Cybill message would lead to finding some wonderful friends and becoming involved in one of the greatest Moonlighting related ideas ever conceived.

I was only a year old when Moonlighting first aired. Being so young, I wasn't fortunate, as many people online were, to see the original episodes. It was actually a theme song CD that my aunt had bought and had me listening to, playing "guess that show" with the themes, that I was introduced to Moonlighting. One day, about a month or more later, I was flipping through the channels on the TV, when I came across this show on Bravo. At the time, I didn't know what it was or even what station I was on, until the commercial. When I heard Moonlighting I immediately thought back to that CD and the theme song that I'd heard on it.

The next day, at around same time as the previous day, I turned back to Bravo and was hooked. It didn't take long for obsession to take over, and before I knew it, I was online, on a mailing list, meeting people with the same interest in Moonlighting, and I even tried my hand at fan fiction.

I'm elated that I found Moonlighting when I did, and that I've met some fantastic people online, as well as a few I'd have rather not introduced myself to. I enjoy being a part of the Moonlighting Reunion Campaign, and contributing to the fanzine when time and ideas allow.