Diana Maiocco

Media Director

Diana Maiocco has been involved in two projects where she serves as Executive Producer – Back of Book & Shattered Hopes.

It's the true story behind the horrific mass-murder on Long Island's south shore in November 1974. This event was made famous by the classic movie Amityville Horror. The DeFeo slaughter, wherein a mother, father, and four of their children were shot to death in their home still holds the record as the worst multiple homicide in Long Island history. You can find more details on Facebook, IMDB and at the Shattered Hopes website.

I was a fan of Moonlighting since I saw the pilot on March 3, 1985 and as fate would have it, here I am meeting and interviewing so many of the talented people who worked on the series.

As Media Director for Moonlighting Strangers, I am its chief interviewer and media liaison. I am also heavily involved in writing, editing and developing content for each issue. My extensive experience in television advertising, which includes negotiating, marketing, product integration and promotions have helped bring Moonlighting Strangers to a new level, culminating with the staff being featured on the 20th Anniversary DVD release of Moonlighting.

Having a passion for the creative and promotional side of the entertainment business, I decided to relocate to Los Angeles in September 2005 where shortly upon my arrival I met writer-director Ryan Katzenbach. We are currently co-producing the 6-hour docudrama Shattered Hopes – The True Story of the Amityville Murders which will be released in the Fall 2011.