Christie Taylor

Founder & Co-Publisher of Moonlighting Strangers, Vice-Chairman of the Moonlighting Reunion Campaign & Webmaster of

Christie Taylor was one of the quarterfinalists in the world renowned Scriptapalooza TV writing contest! Her House spec script beat out more than 500 entries in the Fall 2007 cycle of this semi-annual competition.

She has written an original web series and will start filming in Summer 2012. The series will bring the Film Noir style detective into the 21st century. Stay Tuned.

I was introduced to Moonlighting in 1985 at the age of 14. I thought it was one of the most inventive shows I had the privilege to watch. When I stumbled upon Moonlighting again in 2000 on Bravo, I immediately recorded every episode. After watching the entire run for the first time in eleven years, there was this unsettling feeling of a story that was unfinished. As David would say, the show left us hanging. I didn’t think at the time that there was anything that can be done to change the situation and finish this great love story. I started to wonder what Maddie and David would be like today. I answered my question when I created my fan fiction series, Moonlighting In The 21st Century. Three years later, the site has grown to include the reunion campaign and this fanzine.

I am a Computer Illustrator and Graphic Artist. My experience in print design and web graphics had helped me tremendously each time I put together a fanzine issue. In fact, when Lionsgate first contacted us they mentioned how beautiful the covers are. You can see and download all of them in the fanzine section. My talents also include writing. I have sold two scripts to ABC Daytime and have written four TV one-hour spec scritps and an original TV pilot. I'm currently sharing whatever spills out of my mind and onto my blog Log Into My Brain as well as developing a parody webseries.